Preparation Resources

Preparation Resources

Caffeine for your Prepper Research
Being prepared, means knowing you have more to learn. The following are sites, podcasts, and resources I use.

Boy Scout Handbook

The Boy Scout Handbook is where “Be Prepared” entered my life. A compendium of knowledge for all boys with a love of the wilderness, teaching important life lessons, including the Scout Motto.

Even if you were never a scout, the Handbook is chock full of practical skills and information , covering all the basics, and even some more advanced survival tactics. This is a great beginning resource for everyone.

The Survival Podcast

Are you looking for a daily podcast “For when times get tough, or even if they don’t?” Look no further than The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko.

Jack puts out a podcast every day of the week covering topics as varied as creating a homestead, gardening, guns or starting your own business. He believes in self-reliance and being prepared for the worst case scenario, but doesn’t feel the need to wear an aluminum foil hat. He preaches techniques that make you prepared for real contingencies, not doomsday. As a result following his advice will increase the quality of your everyday life, even if what you’re preparing for never comes to fruition.

Indefinitely Wild

Indefinitely Wild is a Gawker Media owned site focused on all things outdoors, like camping, hiking and outdoor gear.


If you’re looking to be prepared with the tools in your pockets, the EveryDay Carry blog does pocket dumps.

I try to keep tools on my person I might need throughout the day. We’re going to borrow from EveryDayCarry and publish pocket dumps on The Scout Motto. If you have gear in your pocket, and a good reason you carry that gear, send a picture of your pocket dump with your gear’s story to

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